About Pretty Nifty Life

About Me

Hi! I’m Esther Le Roux, founder of Pretty Nifty Life and Inbound Inc. I help people build businesses that they are passionate about and can make them money at the same time.

Starting and running your own business is not easy, but neither does it have to be harder than having a day job.

I used to be a bit of a ‘wantepreneur’ – trying to build a business on the side, but never really taking the plunge. Call it perfectionism, or perhaps it was a fear of failure… but I was never able to ‘launch’ any of my business ideas properly. They were just never finished.

I finally took the plunge into the entrepreneurial world, starting my digital marketing agency Inbound Inc. in 2015. Times were tough, and early January 2016, I got pregnant with our first child. Had it not been for the pregnancy, I might have given up and rejoined the corporate world much sooner. But suddenly I didn’t have that option available anymore. I had to make it work!

And man, am I glad I did.

There was a lot of trial and error. I read many, many books and attended all sorts of online and offline courses. Every card I had was maxed out. My bank account was empty.

Yes, I had a few clients and was constantly busy… but the money just didn’t come in as I thought it would. In fact, nothing happened as I thought. I prayed, I cried. I did everything I could possibly think of.

Finally, I started to gain clarity. I started with my goal in mind… I wanted a profitable business, that gave me time to spend with my family, yet also made enough money so that I could live comfortably and buy some nice shoes too!

Working backwards from the main goal was the key to making my business a success! I started automating my systems and altering my strategies.

Time and financial freedom were on the horizon!

I decided to start Pretty Nifty Life, to help other Wantapreneurs, Mompreneurs, Creativepreneurs and even Entrepreneurs to start and run their own successful businesses – without having to first go entirely broke, like I did

My purpose is to help you be relieved of financial stress, pursue your exciting passion daily, and experience time freedom. So, let’s get to work!